Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Focusing on book projects

You may not know this but there are three book ideas that I have been toying with for several years. So far, I've researched and made notes. My excuse for not reaching further with them is that I didn't have time.

The last year, my first year at home, wasn't the right time to dive into any of them. I needed to concentrate on deadline-driven projects even as I settled into my new life as a fulltime writer. Also, there was a lot of mental, emotional and physical de-cluttering and organizing to be done.

Once again I see God's hand molding events in my life to direct me to where He wants me to go. I think I am in the right frame of mind and at the point in my writing career to approach these book projects.

The plan is to start in earnest next Monday. This week I am going to tie up some loose ends on a couple of other projects. That will free up some additional time so that I can focus my energies on the first book.

It is still early, so my inner critic, the doubts and fears have not yet kicked in. But I am sure they will once I get on the ball next week. I have a few strategies in mind about how to deal with the blocks that will surface.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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