Friday, November 16, 2007

In the flow

Working on articles for my column has been unusually enjoyable these past two weeks. So much so, that I have neglected to keep my blog fresh.


The writing has not been feverish or fast, just steady and slow. Yet, not so slow as to jeopardize my deadline either.

I'm acutely aware that I will have to increase my output because of my daughter's wedding in December (I'll be decorating) and the usual Christmas chores I want to do.

Even the thought of dealing with those tasks haven't tampered with the steady flow that I am experiencing now. In fact, because each week I work on several pieces before I settle on one for the column, there are always ten or so articles that I can easily pull, tweak, edit and submit.

By the end of November I plan to complete all the articles for December and take another two to the tweaking stage for the first two weeks in January.

That plan should give me unhurried time to do some cleaning, painting and decorating for my own home, help Michelle fix-up her apartment and decorate for the wedding.

I will still write everyday and make time to sit out on my porch for my daily evening mint tea and journaling session. If I don't honor my daily self-care ritual I won't be of any use to anyone. That is my way of nurturing myself, my soul and my writing. Without it, my writing slows to a torturous uninspired pace that always renders me dry inside. Then that dryness leads to depression. I can do without that, especially in the coming days.

So no matter what happens or how hectic the days may be, I have to feed my body and my soul and my writing so that I can cope.

Besides I want to hit the ground running in January. Oh, didn't I tell you that I have goals to accomplish next Year? Well, never mind we'll get to that soon enough.

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