Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting back into my writing groove

When I sent in the four pieces my editor request in December, I felt a measure of freedom. My weekly column was set until January 6th 2008. I then devoted myself to the other projects that were demanding my undivided attention.

Of course that didn't mean that I hung up my writing hat. I continued a post to my blogs and write in my journal. But every night as I slipped into bed, exhausted to the bone, I felt the emptiness created by not putting in my time at the computer writing/working as usual.

I comforted myself with the thought that as soon as the wedding was over, well, a day or two after, I'd swing right back into action. The first task on my mental list was to complete at least one piece by December 31st and another on January 3rd. That would keep me ahead of my game. No problem. After all, while busy doing all sorts of things, I was mentally conjuring up article ideas, drafting outlines, imagining ways to fine tune my writing routine.

I deluded myself. It wasn't as easy as I imagined. Of course, losing my files didn't help the situation. But that wasn't a major problem really. I was determined to move forward without them.

Still, my mind remained in a sort of anti-climax tail spin only at a slower speed much like a mental blender at low speed but not really mincing the material.

Each day I sat at the computer my mind reeled with the urgency to work. But no work, no significant writing, no words appeared on the screen. It was frustrating.

So I scraped the idea of writing for work and immersed myself in journaling my way back into shape. Into that process I incorporated my yearly analysis of goals I had set and accomplished as well as those that eluded my best efforts.

God has used writing to pull me through the most difficult periods of my life and this time it was no different. Within two days my motivation peaked and I was raring to go. In a couple of hours I wiped an article into shape and submitted it.

I opened new files to replace the ones I had lost and began writing feverishly. The vibe was intense and writing process that always brings joy to my work quickly eased me back into my groove, my writing groove that is.

As my fingers danced over the keyboard this morning, I couldn't help but say out loud, "Thank you Jesus for this life you've blest me with. Thank you for words and thoughts and books and the computer. Thank you Lord for granting me my heart's desire, my dream, the freedom to write."

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