Saturday, January 19, 2008

Writing on the porch

The title of this post was inspired by the latest post by Barbara Abercrombie at Writing Time. You may read it here

Did I ever tell you that my porch is magical? Well it is, you know. Sitting there with pen in hand and journal balanced on my knee, magic happens.

Ideas of my column sneak upon me and often blossom into a few paragraphs or a rough first draft of an article. Very often it is there that magically a writing block crumples and a breakthrough surfaces allowing me to write freely.

Sometimes the magic is visual - I see something (situation, person, idea, etc.) from a different perspective or notice something completely new. Quietly, to myself, I utter things like, "Ummm." "When did that happen?" "Hey, I never thought of it this way." "That's a good idea; maybe I'll try that." You know, things like that.

Other times, the magic is deeply emotional - coming from the depths of my heart sometimes slowly, creeping up and pouring out onto the pages of my journal. There are times too, when the emotional magic hits me like a blast of the cold air of reality. It forces me to stop writing and pause to decipher what I'm feeling. But I only see the significance as I resume writing, capturing the emotions in words. That's where the magic happens too. That's where I truly understand it all.

And it is because of my experiences sitting on my porch that I identified with Barbara's post. As a matter of fact, her posts inspire me to write, keep writing, enjoy the process and stretch myself.

Where does magic happen for you? Please feel free to share them in the comments section.

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