Monday, May 19, 2008

Saturday Soirée - Siphon time to write

OOPS! Let’s just go with this; Monday is the new Saturday and that’s all I’ll say about my not posting my piece for the Saturday Soirée.

Siphon time to write

Regardless how you may wish for more, it’s not going to happen. You have to work with what you’ve got. Where can you siphon a few minutes to sink into that passion you say you have?

Take your pick:

Morning, commuting, mid-morning, waiting for an appointment, children, anything kind of waiting, coffee-break, lunch time, mid-afternoon, snack time, late afternoon, early evening, late evening, night time, bath time, cooking, doing the laundry, TV time....

Stories abound about writers who began their journey to publication, a lucrative writing career, or simply the full enjoyment of writing for themselves, with only fifteen minutes at a time. Others tell how they salvaged the time between handling multiple loads of laundry, during their kids’ nap times and stirring pots, to scribble the stories in their heads. I wrote an article about my stop and go writing in traffic jams. One day you too, can tell your own stories about the juggling acts that kept your writing moving along.

So, again I ask, where can you siphon a few minutes to write?

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