Monday, September 15, 2008

Hell no, I won't slow!

Written Thursday 11th September 2008

With no Internet, I can't check to verify who asked the question, "If you had no Internet, would you still write?" At the time my answer was "Yes!" I've been without Internet connection before. Just last month I had no access for more than two weeks and I survived. In fact, I enjoyed the freedom to write without my major distraction.

Since the company fixed the problem, or so they said, we have been plagued with an inconsistent service. The Internet connection comes and goes, most often before I could send my reply to an email or publish a blog post. What a frustration!

It's true that I haven't learned to resist the Internet's call to click over and play. Still, if it's working, it should be working consistently. The on and off thing is even more distracting and brings a level of frustration I could do without.

This time, being completely cut off from the www again, I refuse to bemoan my limitations. Instead, I am focusing my writing guns on building up a stock of articles for my weekly column. It runs in a local newspaper magazine so I send my pieces by snail mail or fax. When I regain Internet connection I will submit the articles to content sites, sell reprints and re-write and re-slant them for other publications and condense them for blog posts.

I've never written a business plan or developed a working marketing strategy. So, I am working on those too.

Nevertheless, frustration sits with me these days because I feel as if I am missing out on all the activity, all the fun, great information, emails from friends and comments from readers of my blogs. But that negativity is balanced by the fact that I, the consummate morning person is also writing at night. Can you believe it? 7 PM no longer marks my cut-off point for writing.

So, despite feeling a bit the lost in the no-Internet wilderness, I am still writing joyfully, purposefully, passionately.

Succumb to the frustrations? Buckle under the pull to slow down and lose momentum?

Hell no, I won't slow! I'm a trooper. But more than that, I'm a writer - Internet or not.

How have you feared when you lost Internet connection?


Magnolia said...

Hello Cheryl,

Yes, we just lost internet service this week.

Hurricane Ike made its way inland and slammed into the state of Ohio if you can believe that with a fury.

Though I've been through similar wind storms in Nebraska (70 mph wind gusts) and didn't take it too seriously until 100 year old trees were uprooted and powerages numbered into the millions.

So, though we didn't lose electricity, we lost cable, phone and internet.

It was three days without connection to the outside world but we managed to stay busy cleaning, reading and watching DVD's.

I almost hated to see the internet come back up. All of that productivity outside of the house is now being channeled back into a keyboard.

Sadly, I didn't get to write much. I'm just overwhelmed with my schedule and juggling everything by myself.

I suspect I'll get it together sooner or later.

I envy your ability to write so much.

Cheryl Wright said...

Hi girlfriend Mags,

The only experience I had with a hurricane was way back when I was about seven years old. The only memory was of a large tree being uprooted. My brother and I had no idea of the seriousness of it all so it was exciting to us. I know better now but so far hurricanes pass north of Trinidad. Thank God.

Once the passion is there Magnolia, you will find your way to the kind of schedule that will allow you to enjoy writing with the kind of freedom and frequency you envision.

So what is your schedule like right now?


Magnolia said...

My schedule right now? Defined and completely driven by others.


I have two teens and one 9 year old. I homeschool and they are also very active outside of the house.

Every waking moment of my life involves taking someone somewhere, helping someone with something or doing something for someone.

I'm trying hard not to become bitter, but I can't say I'm too successful.

When not swimming in my sea of bitterness, I'm utterly exhausted.


Cheryl Wright said...

Mags my friend,

We all have periods in our lives when we feel as if we are other people's puppets. Even when our famlies are calling the shots in our life and we do their bidding with love, it doesn't negate the fact we are exhausted and need time for ourselves and the things we enjoy.

But you may need to sit with the thought that this is where you need to be right now in your life. It may be difficult and tiring and all-consuming. Nevertheless Mags, all you need is a moment:

* a moment with God everyday to keep your relationship with Him deep, strong and true. Read the Bible and prayer. Examine your life in the light of the passage and begin taking steps to align yourself and your life with the directives God gives in His word.

* a moment with yourself to ensure your body and mind receives adequate rest, relaxation and nourishment. Do one pampering act, enjoy one luxury (a short walk, brief exercise, one or two chapters of a book, a bubble bath, a beauty treatment at home or at a salon). You deserve it and you need it.

* a moment with the activity that brings you joy and helps you stay connected to your dream, your passion. If it is writing Mags, steal away at pre-scheduled times if possible and surrender to the pleasure. Or keep the desire for such a time ever in your thoughts so that whenever an unexpected break comes, you are ready to snap it up and run with it. Sink your teeth into it, give it your full attention, even if for just a short time.

When your life seems to be like a tidal wave, closing in on you remember that you are not alone and that in the grand scheme of life, nothing that happens is beyond God's control or His concern.

Your life as it is right now is as it should be but that doesn't mean that it is everything it could be. You can still find, take and make the time for a moment with God, with yourself and with your passion.

I hope I've helped.

With love

Magnolia said...

Wow! Yes, yes, you have helped. Thank you very much.

I've entertained these very thoughts today....that is, that *this* is where my life is right now.

I was a late bloomer as they say. I didn't marry until my mid-thirties and finished having babies at 43.

I spent many years of my life doing what I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted.

It is very difficult for others to be running my life now.

I probably wouldn't find it so stressful were it not for the fact that I have a very difficult teen son.

We butt heads way too often and I find myself in a constant state of irritation.

Anyway, thank you for the encouragement. Yes, it helps immensely.


Cheryl Wright said...

You're welcome and I'm so sorry to hear about your son. I'll make the situation/relationship a matter of prayer.

God bless and good night.


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