Thursday, September 25, 2008

On doing nothing

This post was saved as a draft in error on 25th September.

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Trinidad and Tobago - Republic Day. After I checked and cleared my inbox, I open three documents with topics I've been toying with for my column and before I could settle down to work, I was inspired to take the day off and take it easy. That means Food Network, Lifetime Movie Network and HGTV.

Now I can take time off from writing and putter in my garden, sew and busy myself cooking up a three course meal. Once I am busy doing something I enjoy, I don't feel tired. I don't feel as if I am wasting time and missing out on something. Maybe it is because, my mind and my body are in motion, thinking, planning, producing - active.

But laying down only produces a greater desire to lay down and my body just seems to freeze and my brain can't generate a productive thought after that. By the time I realized that this day off was going to last right up to bedtime, I simply couldn't bring myself back up to speed. It was way too late.

So there I stayed, sprawled out on the couch. Leftovers were the order of the day of course and by night time I was just one whole lump of guilt.

When I slid in under the covers after eleven last night, I chided myself for feeling guilty because I also know that sometimes, it does us good to do absolutely nothing. A lazy day once in a while is good. It's good to morph into a couch potato now and then and let the day roll by.

Moments after I drafted this post, I read Brenda's on Waiting at entroute365. Maybe my motivation for doing nothing yesterday was my mind tell me to lay low and wait.

Do you every have those days?

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