Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a new thing

I am not a quick writer. I mull over a topic, writing, tweaking, adding, deleting, and let's not talk about the number of breaks and fights with my procrastinating self and my inner critic. But by the grace of God, after several days of starts and stops and go-slows, I come to the end of my article. That's when a wave of dissatisfaction sweeps over me. I think that maybe this article isn't good enough, and before I know it, there is the new idea, a new topic. And within an hour or so, a new piece is born. Then, after revising and editing and listening a few times in TextAloud, I submit it.

At first I found this new writing process disconcerting. It threw me out of my comfort zone. But now after being through it a few times, I am beginning to look forward to that last-minute zap of inspiration. Its kind of refreshing really. Fun, spontaneous and a new kind of creativity that's brighten up my writing.

Still, I know better than to relax and think this is it, that this is the ideal situation of all time. I believe that it is the ideal situation for now, this period of my life. I believe that any day now, something new will emerge and bring with it excitement and new creativity to my life and my writing especially.

What new process has emerged in your writing, threw you for a loop and then reeled you in ever so gently until you can't remember life/writing without it?


Magnolia said...


You help me so much. Everytime I read your blog and you discuss the writing process for you, I see myself.

I've been afraid to step up and call myself a writer. I've always felt it was fraudulent for me to do so.

I mean, afterall, *real* writers don't struggle like I do each time I approach the computer.

I have two Magnolia's in my head........the Magnolia who is the writer and has the occasional flash of genius when she puts it out there..........and the critic Magnolia who is constantly whacking the brilliant Magnolia over the head.

Though I don't want to say I'm glad you suffer and struggle with the same thing, it does give me a comfort and encouragment to know that I do not suffer or struggle alone.

I am not a fast writer. But, every now and then I will get hit with some deep inspiration and it pours out of me and hits the nail on the head.

But, those moments come a long only every now and then. The rest of my writing occurs over time and requires more editing and rewriting.

If I only relyed on the moments of pure inspiration, I would write maybe once or twice every few months.

So, I must come to terms with the process in me and tend to it every day, cultivating it and helping it come to the surface more.

Thanks friend! You help me so much.

Cheryl Wright said...

Mags my friend, you are certainly not alone but I can understand how you can believe that. I feel so sometimes. My own fears and self-doubt tells me so, probably hoping that I will quit.

What I have discovered is that when everything else seems doubtful or even lost, the passion brings us back to what we love.

I suffer many of the classic horrors of the writing life. I had hoped that I would be one of the exceptions but what a wasted hope that was. Often you can find me blocked, distracted, overwhelmed and fending off negative crap from my inner voices.

The online writing community is so phenomenal - writers openly and willing share their struggles and triumphs. Their experiences play a major role in fanning my passion and when my passion for writing is enflamed, I am encouraged to push a little harder, take one more step away from my comfort zone and become more and more comfortable with the title "Writer".

Mags, if you are passionate about writing, no matter how far and for how long you stray, you will come back to it. Unless you can identify a particular cause for those wilderness days, don't fight them. They may be just the process you need right now.

Still although passion may draw you back to writing, writing on a regular or best, a daily basis will help to keep your passion alive. One feeds of the other.

I wish for you not a forced writing habit but a routine that is comfortable and draws you to produce remarkable writing whether for yourself or to share with others.

Terri Tiffany said...

Hi Cheryl,
I saw you visited my blog:) Thank you so much. I have enjoyed reading your posts--it seems you think about writing alot like I do. I hope you'll visit again as I will yours. Is this the blog you prefer visitors to? terri

Cheryl Wright said...

Hi Terri,

It's a pleasure to have you visit and I am happy to know that you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed reading a few of your posts. I believe we do share similar sentiments about writing.

Yes I usually guide readers to this blog because from here they can easily navigate their way to my other blogs and samples of my writing.

I look forward to seeing you here again and I have already signed up to follow you at your blog.

Have a great weekend.

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