Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Soirée - Persist with consistent action to achieve your writing dream

Persistence is key in the pursuit of any goal. However, you can quite easily find yourself persisting in half-hearted, hit-and-miss efforts and in complaining about not having enough time, too many distractions and lack of support from people around you.

It is only as your persist in consistent productive efforts that you will move along the path that will take you to the writing dream you envision for yourself.

Are you a persistent complainer or procrastinator? Are you consistently not writing and blaming your lack of productivity on external factors?

Persist with these consistent actions:

  • Whatever routine you set up, commit to it. Create boundaries for yourself and others to safeguard your writing time. At the appointed times, get to your writing space and write.

  • Whatever tools and supplies you need, get them and assign them a designated space so they will be within easy reach when you are ready to write.

  • Whatever motivation you seek, find it within first, then re-enforce it with motivation from without.

  • Whatever you want to write, write it confidently, freely and passionately. It doesn’t matter whether you write a little or a lot. The important thing is to write.
Don’t wait for time, inspiration and external support to come and turn you into a motivated and productive writer. Persistently pursue a consistent practice of keeping your writing routine, getting and securing your writing tools and supplies, motivating yourself from within, getting to your writing space and getting the words out of your head or your heart and onto the page or screen.

Whatever your writing dream, however small or however grand, persistently take consistent actions that move you from wishing to be a writer, to being a writer.


Terri Tiffany said...

This is so me, Cheryl. I keep waiting for the mood instead of just setting a time and doing it! I think next week--I will try your way!

Magnolia said...

Oooh, kick in the pants time. Ouch. I'm afraid I saw myself here.

thanks for that though. I need to hear it.

It's way too easy to make excuses and finds ways to blame circumstances.

Good one today.

Cheryl Wright said...

OOps!. I didn't mean to kick so hard.

Anyway, you're not alone I find myself there sometimes. Don't you see me roaming the halls?

I appreciate your following me with these posts.

Have a good day Mags.

Cheryl Wright said...

Terri I wish you God speed on your efforts next week. So when Monday morning hits, imagine my voice in your head saying, "Hop to it Terri!"

Joanne said...

Love these, and do many of them myself. If you don't set parameters, it's easy for life to encroach and the writing get set aside. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl Wright said...

Hello there Joanne,

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on and experience with this issue. Have a productive day. God bless.

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