Thursday, January 8, 2009

I hit the road, but I'm not running

It's taking me a little longer than I expected to settle back into my writing schedule. Don't misunderstand, I'm in my writing space, at my desk every morning since Monday. Somehow though the mind is just not aligned to the heart. It happens. Its all part of the writing life. But I refuse to be discouraged or go the way of slacking off before I have tightened up my determination.

This is my January to-do list:
  1. report on a couple books I've read.
  2. stock up on a few articles and lots of topics for my column
  3. draft, write and schedule posts for this and my Perspectives on Life blog
  4. designate a particular day each week to devote to reading
  5. Do my yearly old year review and new year planning. Read my article Anatomy of a New Year Ritual at Associated Content. Numbered List
The month is still young so I am not fearful. I intend to get this tasks done before the end of January.

What about you? Have you hit the road running? I'd love to hear your story.


Magnolia said...

Well, not exactly. :) You are so much more effecient and organized than I am I think.

I was organized and meticulous to a fault before I had children.

since becoming a mother, I hardly feel I can find my rear-end with both hands sometimes.

But, my oldest just started college, my middle is pretty independent with her school work and my youngest will be entering the public school system for the first time in her life on Monday.

I'm a little nervous, but relieved and looking forward to the change to be honest.

I need a break. This extra time will help me reclaim some of my organization - because, you see, I will not have 3 children underfoot who are undoing everything I'm trying to accomplish.

anyway, glad to see you back to writing. I've been hovering around your blog waiting on ya ;)

Cheryl Wright said...

Is that a new group - "hoverers" - you know, like "followers"? (:>. I hover at your blog too.

Well it seems I won't be hovering in vain any more, now that you'll be re-organizing your self, your life and your writing. I hope you will be able to accomplish all that you hope to with no children around during the day. Maybe you might even feel your rear-end once more.

Here's to hitting the ground running on Monday.

Magnolia said...

Yes. I'm actually looking forward to this.

My youngest is 9 and has only been homeschooled since she was 3.

She is the sweetest little thing you've ever seen and I just love the bones of her. She's been a breeze to homeschool because she is so self-motivated and driven.

But, she has expressed a desire to get out of the house and be with friends.

I can't deny the poor child a social life and it would be horribly selfish of me to do so.

So, I registered her today. :)

On the writing front, get this.......I've been emailing back and forth with Ralph Keyes.

How cool is that?????

He recommended I come to the Antioch Workshop this summer. He will be teaching essays/memoirs.


I'm totally psyched. Have you begun his book yet?

Cheryl Wright said...

Yes that is cool. Real cool. The coolest. (:)

You know I said that I wanted to dive in read the book in one fell swoop? No happening. It is too - rich (could I say?)

It is like soul chocolate with a medicinal value. A little at regular intervals. Too much in one sitting will pass right through and you'll miss the delicious taste, lose the intricate benefits and forfeit the slow but steady rise to better health.

Terri Tiffany said...

Cheryl, I'm moving slow here -- but I know that is what God wants of me right now--we have plenty of January left!

Cheryl Wright said...

Hi Terri,

Haven't seen you here for a while but I appreciate the visit today.

You're right, we have 23 days still. But be careful though, time seems to fly past faster each year.
Each of us much recognize where we are and what God requires of us. I hope you will come through your special time with a clear view of the path He wants you to follow.

May blessings and prosperity follow you throughout the year and the peace of Christ wash your heart in any troubles you face.

Joanne said...

Cheryl, I read in your comment about time flying by faster and it reminded me of something I read on another blog yesterday that went something like this: "I was just getting used to it being 2000, and now it's 2009?" I had to laugh!

Anyway, I don't know if I hit the road running, but I'm moving at a steady clip. I too stock up on blog ideas and try to keep a monthly schedule for that, which includes keeping current with new photos. Plus I've submitted a short piece and am querying a fiction manuscript. Hopefully I'll work on a few smaller pieces in the meantime before the month is out.

Cheryl Wright said...


That blogger's comment is funny but oh so true.

A steady clip is good. Its far better than standing still and wasting time doing nothing to more us further along in or towards our dreams, our choice life.

We'll could share our respective to-do list ticks at the end of the month.

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