Wednesday, March 25, 2009

10 Things I learned about blogging

When I created my first blog I knew very little of the practices that made for a reasonable pleasing and welcoming atmosphere, but I picked some helpful advice along the way. I share 10 of them below.

1. Acknowledge every new follower.

2. Reply to the readers who leave comments.

3. Don’t be afraid to throw a really personal piece in the posting loop.

4. Let your readers know if you are going to be late or absent or apologize the next time you post and give a heads-up if you plan to change the focus and intent of your blog or cancel it altogether.

5. Share a list of your favorite blogs and bloggers.

6. Don’t clutter your blog with too many gadgets.

7. Every now and then treat your readers to a freebie or an award.

8. Share the inspiration - link to inspiring posts by bloggers you admire.

9. Share information liberally – post links to job boards, markets, websites, blogs, anything that writers can use to help them achieve their writing dreams.

10. Keep a manageable, regular and consistent posing schedule.

What have you learned about blogging?


Joanne said...

1. Use Blogger Scheduler as much as possible. It makes it easier to write regular posts if I put any ideas into scheduler for future posts. They're easy to develop from there.

2. Keep the blog focused! This wise advice was given to me by seasoned blog friends before I started. It helps with post ideas and has readers who like what they see come back for more.

3. Keep posts shorter rather than longer. Readers are busy, and short posts are more likely to be read.

4. Be respectful and courteous at all times. For me, I think this is the most important quality in my blog and the blogs I admire. Readers really deserve nothing less!

Magnolia said...

I've learned that blogging is not for weenies.

I've learned that honesty and keeping your heart out there works. Every. Single. Time.

I've learned that the Internet, can seem like a racetrack out of control with all of the "bloggging advice" out there. Like everything, you have to find your own voice and stick with it.

Love ya!

Cheryl Wright said...

Joanne: Thanks for sharing your three blogging lessons. They must certainly account for your steady stream of short, focused and always-inspiring posts and long list of faithful readers.

Magnolia: A "weenie" you're not, from the looks of your blog and each post shouts with your true, clear voice telling the stories from your heart.

Jan said...

This is very good advice. I am learning so much from seasoned others like yourself. (Joanne's tidbits are great too!) Keep it real seems to be most important to me...

But, truthfully, I think there is a balance to be kept in blogging. Are we writing to vent or just get junk out of our systems? To debate or argue, as in many blogs I've stumbled across? Or to establish some type of intellectual or spiritual superiority?

Or are we engaged for a higher purpose? These are the blogs I am attracted to. Something for the greater good of all. This medium is very powerful and one I am learning can be a source of inspiration, comfort, wisdom, and community. I hope my own blog will contribute in this way and if it ever doesn't, or I cross the line, I hope someone will tell me. I'm still willing to learn...

Cheryl Wright said...


You share a valuable lesson all bloggers should learn, aim for and practice.

Your blog and those I visit, follow and subscribe too are focused on "inspiration, comfort, wisdom, and community".

Like you I hope that visitors, followers and subscribers to my blogs find "inspiration, comfort, wisdom, and community' and would feel free to pull me up and keep me on my toes if I stray from my blogs' purpose.

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