Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here I go again

What a way to begin a month! My column Wright Words of Wisdom is being re-instated in the Womanwise magazine. The editor is swinging it as a fortnightly colum in the short term with the option to run it weekly as before.

I've already submitted one piece but will be reviewing a few others from my FOR SUBMISSIOM folder. Yes, you guessed it, I stock-pile pieces on topics I'm passionate about. Sometimes I send out some to appropriate publications and others might be on target for a request from an editor.

So here I go again.


Joanne said...

Now that's just the "Wright" news to here going into Spring! Congratulations, I know that means a lot to you. Here's hoping they'll have you back to weekly in no time. Wright on!

Sita said...

That's pretty awesome, Cheryl...God's in the background and foreground...hey, and up there too! Take care,
Love, Sita

Cheryl Wright said...

Joanne: Thank you Joanne. isn't it just about the coolest thing?

I was all professional and pleasant and moderately pleased, while speaking to the editor. But there was a party going on inside.

Cheryl Wright said...

Sita: Awesome indeed. Our God is an awesome God. From the heavens, He takes care of His children in every corner of the earth, looking upon them with favor. Everything, everything He does is right and perfect and just. When he said it was time for the column to stop, it stopped. It was disconcerting but I held to the fact that He is in control of all things concerning me.

Now He has called for it to resume. He is in charge of all things concerning me.

I continue to rest in Him. I may have my goals but I know nothing is certain or lasting unless He gives the word, His word.

Terri Tiffany said...

Glad you are back at it!

Jan said...

Great news, Cheryl! Can you tell us more about WomanWise magazine so we can read you there? Is there a website? I am so happy that YOU are happy and writing again. LOLove!

Cheryl Wright said...

Terri; I am thrilled about it.

Jan: Womanwise is a pullout feature in the Sunday edition of the Trinidad Guardian newspaper. The newspaper has a recently- revamped website but the magazine is not online yet but you can access it in their archives.

Some of the pieces published in the column are at Associated Content -

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