Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - What scares you?

Sunday Scribblings ask the question, What scares you?

What scares me? Three things scare the living daylights out of me:

1. Not being able to write due to some physical ailment. Although I'm sure I will find a way because I must write. I must, I must, I must. Even when I procrastinate and stall and get stuck, I know that I must write and somehow, I find my way to the page and to the screen and I write.

2. Public speaking scares me like nothing else. But I feel the pull to speak to women, inspiring them to break the chains of other people's expections, identify and honour their true selves, identify and pursue their dreams and live life authentically, fully and passionately.

3. Being trapped in a situation that doesn't allow me to have moments of silence and solitude in my day.


Joanne said...

Good question. Like you, one of mine would be the inability to write for any reason. Just the thought of it could hint at a panic attack.

I'm also scared of places with lack of order, lack of control. When we were in NYC last week, it was reassuring to see increased police patrol on so many corners, and new mobile units in many locations in the city, a city which seemingly has the potential to lose order. I like order.

Interesting to read about your public speaking thoughts ... I like the topics you refer to, and think you'd have a rapt audience touching upon them. I think many women experience those issues in some way.

Cheryl Wright said...


Neat, orderly and methodical are some of my obsessions. I'm working on their being downgraded to qualities, attributes and personality traits.

I am stepping out of my comfort one to say that public speaking is one of my fears as well as one of my dreams (as I mentioned in my 7 things about me post).

Nevertheless, fear or dream, I am insanely passionate about those topics.

Jan said...

This is a great question, Cheryl. Like Joanne, I have a tendency to experience some fear in places that are out of my control. (I think this is pretty much textbook anxiety which I've struggled with over the years.) I do think loss of health frightens me. Health is such a precious gift, and there have been many times in my life when I "lost" it. Last year was one, after I finished writing my book. The pace had taken its toll on my heart and I found myself laid up for a month. That generated a lot of fear. Even, as you both say, fear of not being able to create.

I think conversations like this, along with the blessing of friendship, helps us navigate our fears, don't you?

Though one of my greatest spiritual practices has been to be more neutral about engage in a practice that allows me to feel safe, even in the midst of it...

Cheryl Wright said...


I fear not being able to write but as much as possible I intend maintain my self-care practice because if I am not "well" in all areas of my life, my creativity, my writing will suffer. I feel confident that this is Joanne's belief also.

Faith, family and friendships are vital ingredients for dealing with, neutralizing and overcoming our fears.

Terri Tiffany said...

health issues!! BUt with writing, it would be when I share my work with others.

Cheryl Wright said...

hi Terri,

It seems many writers are fearful of any illness that messes with their ability to write. You've added the ultimate fear I think, for writers though - of putting themselves and their writing "out there" - to be read by the world.

Thankfully it is a fear we can: 1. work with by writing despite its whispers in our ears.
2. overcome by persistent and determined effort - writing.

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