Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm in the throes of a new change

It is official. I’m babysitting my granddaughter and I’m asking myself, how did I get here? It seems as if just the other day, I resigned from my job to spend my days writing. It seems as if just the other day, I was reveling in living my dream, writing fulltime. It seems as if just the other day… Well, those days are gone and here I am.

Whenever I am on the brink of a major life change, I usually step back from my accustomed activities. It is almost as if I am stuck in a holding pattern. That is what happened last week - no writing in my journal, no blogging, minimal commenting on my favorite blogs. Last week I felt disconnected and lost. I was standing still and waiting for the train of change to stop by my door.

Babysitting Sian is more or less a three-year commitment. She should be going to kindergarten at 3 - 3 1/2 years. Of course, as she gets older my daily routines will change and many days I will depart from how I function the day before. Nevertheless, it is a commitment I embrace joyfully.

These are the promises I’ve made to myself :

1. I will write in my journal daily, regardless of the composition of my day. I figure, I must go to bed so at least I can journal before I slide under the covers and switch off the bedside lamp.

2. I will honor my writing obligations - column, blogs, assignments, deadlines etc. My column and other miscellaneous assignments are the bread and butter and meat and potatoes of my writing life. My blogs are just as significant because they keep me on my writing toes, allows me to share my experiences, my thoughts and my feelings about life and writing. The ones I read religiously and comment at and my wonderful, creative, inspiring, caring and supportive blogging friends are the delicious, decadent desserts I need to have a balanced, informed, inspiring and creative life.

3. I will schedule personal time to nurture and nourish myself physically, mentally and spiritually by engaging in activities, I enjoy- napping on the couch, sitting on the porch, reading, writing in my journal, writing letters, drawing and photography.

Today wasn’t too bad. I managed to write a few blog posts and scheduled them for publication, finished the final read-through of the article for my column and sent it off. I identified the topic for the next installment and wrote a detailed outline. I prepared and emailed my invoices for work published last month. I backed-up my files and copied them to the notebook computer my husband gave me. It is so much more convenient to use anywhere. It’s smaller and lighter than my laptop.

I’ve always boasted that I am a lark (a morning person) - more inspired, more creative, more productive and all that good stuff between dawn and noon. I’ve been practicing to be an owl (a night person) and I’m not too bad at it either. Talk about change.

Until next time.


Magnolia said...

Well. We will have a lot in common now. ;)

But, I'll be the first one to say how wonderful it's going to be to have your granddaughter!

I love your organization and ability to get a good game plan going too. I especially love the sitting on the porch, reading and napping part. Girl, you can't get any better than that!

Except maybe snuggling with a granddaughter. :)

Joanne said...

How wonderful to have your granddaughter in your daily life! I'm sure she is a joy you love to behold. Knowing you, Cheryl, you will readjust your timing and schedules, and your passion for writing will still shine through, as you tend to your loved one. Enjoy!

Cheryl Wright said...

Few things:situations, people, my own fears) have kept me back when I am on a particular path.

I may take a while to identify the full spectrum of what is happening or what could and will happen. I may take a while to chart a new course. I may take a while to crank up the engine and step on the accelerator, but I've learned the importance of keeping my goals front and center and charging forward whatever the change may entail.

This time though, I have this cute, sweet and precious child to love and care for. She's the chocolate frosting on the chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream on the side.

It's not a bad change when you think about it.

Cheryl Wright said...


Thanks for having faith in me. Loving support is so vital in all our passionate pursuits.

You should have seen me do the writer-on-a-time-crunch dance yesterday.

This new owl worked until after midnight without falling face down on my keyboard. Actually, I had to pry myself away from the computer.

I know this won't be my everyday story. Babies make sure of that. Nevertheless, I liked the me, the owl, the determined and passionate writer I saw yesterday.

Now let's see how I wing it today.

Terri Tiffany said...

Had my daughter moved back to the area a few months ago, I would be doing the same thing but the job market prevented them from coming here. So I understand the need and the need also to keep you in balance and your writing. You sound organized and ready to do both. Enjoy that little baab girl!!

Jan said...

Hi Cheryl,
Well, I wondered why I hadn't seen much of you over at my blog of late. :-) How loving and wise you are to spend these years with your granddaughter. What a gift you are giving her. Our granddaughter lived with us for 4 years. We helped raise her, as her mom was a single mom at the time. It was amazing to be involved in a child's care day to day at the age my husband and I are. :-) Talk about JOY! And there were challenges too, of course.

But it sounds like you have a good handle on things. You have set powerful intentions for yourself. Your passion is strong and true. And all of it is buoyed by love for family. A perfect combination, if you ask me.

I do miss you though. Stop on by when you can. Ingrid is with me today and we talking about joy.

Love to you!

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