Friday, July 24, 2009

Saturday Soirée - Let's toot our horns

Writers often encourage other writers and especially beginning writers to not shy away from tooting their own horns. Still sometimes it is hard to do that. An alternative is to use other people's compliments about our writing to sound that horn.

Since we are all friends here, let's set modesty aside and share some of the "nice" comments people have made about our writing.


Cheryl Wright said...

I've decided to go first to make it easier for you to jump in and share.

- "Your writing is very inspiring so I think this is a great channel for people to receive the manifestation of your gift. They will be touched and moved to action - just as I was."

- " Once again you have reached inside my very soul and put words to my very feelings and thoughts. It is as if you were inside my head and heart listening every second."

- "I read your column religiously. I really appreciate your insight. Your writing assists me in my studies and I also forward them to friends and relatives. Please continue writing to inspire others."

- "Your most moving writing is where you share your personal experiences."

There. Now it's your turn.

Joanne said...

I'm game, Cheryl. I pulled a few from my files and my blog:

From a Literary Journal Editor:
"Beautifully realized piece. The language is ambrosial."

From a Blog Comment (from you!):
"Awesome photo.
Interesting analogy.
Inspiring thoughts."

From a literary agent:
"I liked your pages very much and would like to see the full manuscript, if I may do so on an exclusive reading basis."

Thanks Cheryl, this was a unique idea today!

Nina P. said...

How fun! and what a self esteme builder.
I get told alot that I'm "inspirational";
"I don't know how you do it, but you said exactly what I needed to hear today";
"you need to puplish these or I hope you're publishing these";

I write a lot to comfort people when a loved one passes, so I also get, "you captured them so well, that helped me so much, you captured all the emotions we're going through right now..."

and as for me, I always say "a hand touched mine so here I go..."

Thank you for that, we all need positive affermations about the gifts we given.
Love and Light, Nina P

Jan said...

Ok, Cheryl, I must admit that I have read your dear post 3 times at least and not responded with a toot. I kept wondering why I was resisting tooting a bit. I never want to appear to full of myself or arrogant or proud. I've had some pretty humbling lessons in my life about that....Those lessons of getting to full of yourself can really bring you to your knees. :-) Literally! Lord, take this one away from me, please!

But here is one I'll share.

"practical, yet poetic, with deep and gentle wisdom."

This one is my favorite because it captures me as I hope I will be.

I know that I am not the most accomplished writer in the world, nor do I want to be. In fact, I make a lot of errors (gramatically), screw up tenses a lot, and more. So I write not to be the best or win awards, but to purvey a message--and most especially, to write from my heart.

So when I get kudos for that, I am happy. :-) Ok, and a little bit proud. (wink!)

p.s. I was also heartened recently when Joan Borysenko (body/mind scientist and a prolific writer) wrote that I was "a wonderful writer with deep understanding." (Blush, shy smile)

Cheryl Wright said...


I understand what you're saying. I still let the fear to "getting too full of myself" trip up my writing and stunt my progress. But I'm learning to be comfortable with the positive comments people make about me and my writing. Each time the negative self-talk begins I silence it with the thought that positive comments from readers of my work are a reflection of God affirming that I am on the right path, His path that He has set for me, at least for the moment.

Who am I to not embrace and be thankful and proud of His blessings even when they come through others.

Cheryl Wright said...

Nina P:

What a lovely thought and fitting response.

"A hand touched mine so here I go..."

Life Potentials Network said...

Cheryl, I've read this post a couple of times and didn't respond because I don't think of myself as a writer. Then I got to thinking that I write a blog, I write for our local paper, I've had a book published and and write a newsletter. So I guess I am in a way. I can't think of anything in particular people have said but I do know they love my newsletters. Which reminds me, I need to get on that. Since I started my blog I have been consumed with that! Here is one comment I can quote:
"You seem to be the perfect person to be writing about color. It is as if you ARE color and know it intimately. Thank you for sharing your depth of understanding with us." xo

Cheryl Wright said...


You got it down pat. You write so you are a writer. The remarkable thing is that you don;t think of yourself as a writer, yet, you do much more writing that many who say they want to be a writer but are yet to begun the most fundamental aspect of that dream - writing.

That is such a wonderful and inspiring comment to make about your writing.

You are color indeed. It is so you, your passion and you loving share your knowledge, give freely of your advice and in so doing you inspire those who read what you write.

Terri Tiffany said...

It's hard to share what someone else thinks about your writing but we all covet the words, I know. Recently a blogger mentioned that visiting my site was like sitting down on a front porch with me and chatting. I liked that--made me feel as though I've accomplished what I set out too. It was great feedback.

Cheryl Wright said...


As an inspirational writer, that "like sitting chatting with you on the porch" comment is a testament to your accommodating and conversational writing style, coupled with you obvious caring heart.

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