Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog Merger

The post I wrote earlier and scheduled for Saturday 22nd August, disappeared.

In essence, I explained my absence and what I've been doing since my last post.

I'm taking care of myself - getting up at 4.00AM for some quiet devotional time, getting to my writing at about 4.30AM and stopping at 6.00AM to begin my daily chores and other tasks. I am trying to be mindful during the day, grabbing every free moment to sit and breath, to jot down ideas for my weekly column, or just to return to my center and be calm.

I didn't intend to stop blogging. One day, two days and well, here I am today.

I've been thinking of merging my blogs and I did it. Just about an hour ago, I did all the technical stuff and Cheryl Wright - Perspectives was created. I imported all my posts from my other blogs.

Boy do I feel Internet savvy!

I needed some simplicity with this or overwhelm will be the order of the day where blogging is concerned. Cheryl Wright - Perspectives will be a one-stop shop for sharing my perspectives on my passions: life (self-improvement/inspiration for lifestyle choices/ finding and pursuing our dreams), writing, home and design (creating spaces to reflect our personalities and lifestyles and to nurture us on every level), and spiritual reflections.

I hope your will visit, follow and subscribe.


Life Potentials Network said...

Wow! A merger! Way to go Cheryl! I was wondering where you had gone but I myself have not been too present in blogging land for a while due to all the company we have had of late. One group just left yesterday, another arrives tomorrow! Doesn't leave much time for anything really other than entertaining, cooking and cleaning up! I look forward to your new blog where I get to read ALL of your posts easily! I love your blog, Cheryl! xo diantha

Cheryl Wright said...

Hi Diantha,

I love them. We want them around. We invite them and/or are thrilled when they drop by. We shine as we get the relish the opportunity to accommodate and entertain them. We feel sad when they leave. But if we are honest, company drains us.

The key to enjoying and surviving time with loved ones is knowing how to pinch time to rest and refresh.

Hope you've been doing that.

I'm look forward to see you here often.

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