Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nothing Happens Before Its Time

Thank God!

For more than a week, I was unable to identify a topic for next Sunday's column. But I was intent on not missing my deadline. Although I have not been writing for publication, I was all over my journal - every day, several times a day. My desire to journal intensifies when I am in netherland with work-related writing. No matter what happens, I must write and I do so almost feverishly in my journal.

Then God led me to review all the articles I had submitted since September 2006. As I opened the file last Friday night, I wondered why I was doing that. But there was the list. Immediately I eyes rested on a piece that I could not recall seeing in the magazine. It didn't take long to realize that it was never published. Yep, hence the reason for my opening exclamation.

I dived in and proceeded to re-work it a little, editing and fine-tuning until I felt it was ready for re-submission. This time it fit closer to the revised word count that would fill the space on the assigned page for the column.

I believe that God orchestrates all things for His divine purpose and our good and here again was the evidence.

Maybe this is the time for this article. Maybe there is someone, somewhere, whose circumstances scream for the words it contains. I hope so.

Strangely, and maybe not so strangely, as soon as I hit the button on Monday morning to send the piece off, I arose from my mental recuperation and my heart felt free to delve into my writing again. My enthusiasm soared as I planted my butt in my chair yesterday afternoon for several hours. The weeklong fog lifted and ideas danced in my head - additional evidence that a period of rest rejuvenates my creativity, fires up my enthusiasm and clarifies my thoughts.

When this happens, I write like a maniac - often working on several topics in a two - three hour session.

I love this burst of writing energy I get after a writing low. It assures me that I this is my life's work, as the thrill of it all makes my skin tingle and my pores raise while my fingers do the Macarena on my keyboard and my words sing their song on the computer screen.

My heart is enlivened once more.

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