Saturday, August 4, 2007

Doing the Work

I've been working on the article to submit for my column. Monday is the deadline and it's not ready.

Am I freaked? Nah. My writing has endured a rather broken pattern this week. Still, I am on target. I have my research material organized, my thoughts are clear and my outline down pat.

Everything is coming together nicely except for the title. But I'm not afraid. I know it will come.

With minimum interruptions, I expect to complete the piece tonight. Tomorrow afternoon is carded for editing and a final read-through. I plan to hit the send button and send it to my editor either Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Immediately after that, I'll begin working on another piece. I want to submit two pieces next week to regain my one-piece-in stance.

So it's back to work 'til next time.

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