Monday, August 20, 2007

How I got my groove back

Stella has nothing on me.

I hit the brakes on my hours of watching television and instead divided the time between writing sessions on my porch and a couple of productive writing hours at my computer.

I was like a car, after languishing in a mechanic's shop. Once my writing engine was checked, realigned and tuned, I let it idle for a while (journaling). Then I eased onto the the roadway, cruised my idea file and drove by my unfinished articles. Before long, my feet hit the accelerator, my fingers danced the macarena on my keyboard and off I went, towards the highway.


I'm running free, well, driving. No. I'm writing free. I'm not even slouching as I sit, butt firmly planted in my chair - shoulders erect, elbows at right angles - eyes front, focused on the screen - my mind traveling at high speed with my fingers fighting to keep up.

But on the other hand, I feel like a bird that's been let out of her cage to fly free. Once I realize that there are no barriers, I soar.

This writing life can be a real trip sometimes. It's just so amazing how for no apparent reason I can stumble into quicksand. And try as I might to struggle free, I can't. Then one day, after praying for relief, direction and answers followed by some serious self-talk and definitive decisions,


I'm up, out and writing. Blows my mind, every time.

I wonder why I worry and fret. Maybe it's because I know I can do more, go further.

Ah well, I am happy to be out of the quicksand and flying high, driving free down the road that is my life. Until the next time of course.

Boy am I glad to share it with you guys. I'm off to work now. I am off to write because I got my groove back.

Oh Yeah!

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