Saturday, September 1, 2007

Anniversary Reflections

August 30th marked the first anniversary of my resigning from my job to retire and devote myself to writing fulltime.

Making that decision it seemed, cleared the way for one of my dreams to materialize - to write a weekly column for the Trinidad Guardian newspaper. It was a long-held dream that I had kept front and center for many years.

Nothing happens before its time and the timing was perfect. As a Christian I believe that God orchestrates everything in my life. Sometimes I don't understand His reasons for giving, taking and holding back. His divine wisdom is far above my minutest imaginings but by faith I trust Him to do what's best for me and often that means I must acquiesce to His timing.

In this case, He gave me the desire of my heart at the best possible time and it came with blessings aplenty too.

It has been a wonderful year of discoveries too. I discovered my capacity to dig deeper within myself and write from my heart more than I ever had before. That has not only helped and enhanced my writing, but eased my anxieties, alleviated some of my fears and made me more focused and dedicated to my passion.

What a year!


Sita said...

Congratulations, my friend..yes, I am so proud of you, not because of your writing success..and there has been that..but on your perseverance when your faith was put to the test...on your choice to surrender to His time, His purpose...on your obedience to His call on your life to encourage and edify others...for His glory. After reading this, I can only say as the song goes.."How great is our God, sing with me, How great is our God, and all can sing how great, How great is our God."

Cheryl Wright - said...


Oh yes.
How great is our God!

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