Wednesday, September 19, 2007

When my writing rhythm is out of sync

My writing rhythm was disturbed earlier this week.

On Monday morning, as I was about to hit the send button to submit my article for next Sunday, a sense of dissatisfaction flooded my mind. The piece just didn't seem right. I have these episodes very often.

So in the midst of demands on my time and birthday outing with my friend in two hours, I elected to review the journal entry I wrote the day before. It was the eve of my 52nd birthday and I had settled into my favourite chair to record my reflections and immediately, effortlessly the memories, thoughts and emotions flowed.

Of course, because I was going to submit the journal entry, I had to do some serious editing to clean it up and polish it for publication. The pressure came from having to make sure I retained the personal essence of what I wrote. That took more than an hour because of the constant interruptions from phone calls and workmen. But I was determined to send it on Monday morning before I left for a day out with my friend Babes.

I kept my self-imposed deadline with an article that left me feeling settled about using it. I hope it makes for an interesting and inspirational read on Sunday.

Renovation update:
It's on target but the mess, the dust, it gets to be a bit too much for my obsessive compulsive tendencies. So, whenever I feel overwhelm rising up, I retreat to the seclusion of my corner office in the bedroom to work on one of my writing projects or opt for my favourtie chair to curl up and write in my journal or read.

There, in the process of writing in my personal space, I find sanity, contentment and a soothing sense of calm. It the only way I'll come through this project intact.

Writing in any form has proven to be the best therapy. Try it and you'll see what I mean. You're welcome to share your experiences here.

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