Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Writing while waiting

Has it really been that long since my last post? I can't believe that I was that delinquent for this blog.

I've been burning up the pages of my journal. So much so, that my usual pen ran dry and I had to pull one from the spirals of another book.

The two-hour wait at the hair salon yesterday morning provided me with the wonderful experience of writing in the midst of chatter, hairdryers, laughter, footsteps etc. This is something I am only now learning to master - writing in the midst of noise and movement. The longer I wrote the further away the noises seemed. Still I was aware of women in the waiting area looking at me over the top of the magazines they were reading. They must have been saying to themselves, "What is she writing?"

Although I remained aware of what was happening around me, still, I was lost in the exercise. The unusual two-hour wait did not register until I was called to the styling chair.

Writing and waiting went hand in hand as I lost myselg in one to maximize the other. Waiting never felt so good.

Have you ever tried it?

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