Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Christmas Day

Have I been writing? Only in my journal and not as regularly as I usually do.

Since I sent off the four pieces on Saturday 8th December, it has been a struggle to maintain my writing routine. The wedding was coming up along side Christmas and my allegiances, for lack of a more appropriate word at this moment, were sorely divided.

I wanted to focus on preparations for the holidays but, like I mentioned before, wedding responsibilities kept edging its way in and clouding my focus. It's not that I had any major wedding tasks to undertake. My daughter had everything more or less organized. I thing though, that it was more of a mental distraction. Now the wedding is three days away. And my plan is to get my butt in this chair on 31st December and ease myself back into my writing routine. I don't intend to enter the new year singing a song of regret.

So, as long as God spares my life and places no other plan in my path, I will do whatever household chores I need to get done and sequester myself in my corner office to write.  I will post my last thoughts on 2007 on my blogs and work on a few articles I have identified as prospective candidates for my column in January 2008. I have only three to prepare since the one for January 6th is already with my editor.

Today I spent some time sending greetings to relatives and friends. I also sent e-cards to readers who emailed me since my column debuted in September 2006. Several of them I now count as cherished online friends. Maybe cyber-friends or cyber-pals is the correct term.

It's about time for me to sit out on my porch, think and doodle in my journal for a while. Since I forgot to stock up on mint tea, coffee will be the beverage this evening.

Merry Christmas my blogging friends.

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