Thursday, December 13, 2007

How to be a writer

Write. Write everyday. Write. Just write, write. Keep writing.

If being a writer is still just a dream, you have wasted too much time already. Today, you must begin the journey towards the realization of that dream.

Keep a journal. Maintaining a journal is one of the best ways to develop the discipline of writing. At first you may only be able to journal once a week or every few days. That’s all right because you are just beginning to cultivate the mindset of a writer.

Write everyday. Your aim though should be to write every day. It would not matter whether you write for 10, 15 or 45 minutes, write everyday. It is the one habit that if practiced early on will help you in those times when procrastination and writers’ block are intent on making you doubt your ability.

Write what you know. When you decide to keep a journal and write everyday, your first question will be, “What will I write?” The answer is simple. It is brandished about in writing circles around the globe; “Write what you know.”

You must know something about something. As a teenage, you will know about peer pressure, the struggle to define your individual clothing style, conflict with parents, friendships, pets, parties and school, to name a few.

If on the other hand, your dream is to write the great American novel, use your journal to record sketches of the story. Alternatively, you could also purchase a separate notebook or journal for this purpose.

Eventually, you will have enough to begin putting together a couple of chapters.

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