Friday, March 14, 2008

John Keats, poetry and me

I really couldn’t tell you what it is about poetry that has caused me to resist the occasional thought, that maybe I should dabble in it. Yet, somehow, every now and then, something in the back of my mind needles me to try. You know, just give it a try, just for the fun of it.

Last night, the needling resumed and I wondered, if perhaps, it wasn’t just something in the back of my mind, but a deeper, more sensitive voice in my heart crying out for me to delve into this creative outlet.

Now, I thought that was weird since I wouldn’t describe myself as a fan or lover of poetry. John Keats was my favorite in school, and his Ode to Autumn, was my joy to read. And I can only recall the first four lines of the first verse.

"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,

Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;

Conspiring with him how to load and bless

With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run;"

In 1992, some eighteen years after leaving school, I was struck with an overwhelming urge to re-read Mr. Keats’ poems, especially his Ode’s. The urge sent me on a dogged hunt for the text I used in school. Some amateur detective work uncovered the title of the book and eventually I found it.

A Choice of Poets, an anthology of poets from Wordsworth to the present day - by R. P. Hewett, accompanied me everywhere, even to bed. I was like a woman who had found a long-lost love. I read through the book many times, but slowly, the blazing flame died, or so I thought.

It probably only dwindled to a faint flicker because it is roaring again. The voice disturbed my usual restful sleep with those first four lines of Ode to Autumn, and I awoke this morning, like a woman on a mission. I retrieved the book from my bookshelf and read the poem.

I've decided to keep it close, as I did before, only this time, I'll listen to my heart and follow where it leads.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll give poetry a try. Maybe, just maybe, I'll write a poem or two or a few.

After all, what do I have to lose?


seawoman said...

Hi Cheryl:

Congrats on your blogs! Found ya thru Google girl!

Well, I'm back up after major drama with ADSL. Come back to visit my Seawoman's Caribbean Writing Opps with updates.

Also, if you're not on, get on there. Join my CARIBBEAN WRITERS.


Cheryl Wright said...

Hey Sandra,

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I'll hoping over to see what you're up to at Facebook and Wordpress.


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