Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Writing connections to my childhood

Almost every memory I recall from my childhood and leading up to the moment when I rediscovered my dream to be a writer, can be linked to writing.

Apart from the imaginings of my seven-year-old mind and the desire of my young heart, it seems as if almost every habit and incident in my life was preparing me for where I am and what I love to do today.

Those memories and their amazing connection to my love of words and writing, have been popping up in my mind, one at a time over the past several years, leaving me in a state of utter amazement.

I wrote an article about simple pleasures for my weekly column and when I shared some of my favorite simple pleasures, I was surprised to see that most of them either have their roots in, revolve around or include writing.

The most astonishing discovery was my childhood habit of writing letters of apology to my mother after I was scolded or spanked. Now I see the connection between that habit and my love of writing in general and writing by hand in particular.

Not much of a talker, I prefer to analyze situations, answer nagging questions, solve problems and rant about life’s issues in my journal. Whatever emotion is raging within, it finds its best expression on a page. I hand-write my correspondence and research, outline and drafts of my articles, then transcribe them on the computer.

I posted an excerpt of the article I mentioned above at my other blog because it falls under the heading of lifestyle, inspiration, simple pleasures, self-care and other such tags. You can access it here.

Do you have childhood memories that show a direct link to your love for writing or might have steered you to towards your present preference for writing in a particular genre? I’d love to hear your stories.

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