Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's here and I can hardly wait.

The Courage to Write by Ralph Keyes arrived yesterday. I want to sit and absorb this book with undivided attention. So, I'll resist the urge to dive in now and wait until I've sent off the last of three articles I promised my editor.

She leaves for vacation on Friday 19th and wants three installments for my weekly column to leave with her assistant. I sent one on Sunday, the second yesterday and expect to submit number three on Wednesday.

That will leave me some much needed time for reading over the holidays and The Courage to Write is on top of that list.

Are you planning to catch up on some reading over the holidays? What books are on your list?


Joanne said...

My reading has slowed down a little during the holidays here. But I have one book I'll get to next: Nothing Is Quite Forgotten In Brooklyn by Alice Mattison. I've never read her before, but the review looked interesting so I picked it up. The Courage To Write sounds intriguing with its title alone, will look into that one too.

Cheryl Wright said...

Several years ago I read an article by another writer, in which he spoke about how he was inspired by Ralph Keyes and his book The Courage to Write. Ever since then I returned time and time again to read what he said and each time I am re-inspired to surmount my own fears and run wild and free with what my heart tells me to write.

Magnolia said...

You're going to love the book. I'm just finishing it up and will be reading "On Writing Well" by William Zinsser next.

Cheryl Wright said...

Yes Mags, I'm sure I will. On Writing Well is also on my Amazon Wishlist. Once God spares my life, I will buy it early next year.

Magnolia said...


You can search Ralph Keyes and find his website. There are some links there for a talk he did somewhere.

It's very entertaining and chocked full of great writing advice.

If you are interested. :)

Cheryl Wright said...

Thanks Mags. I'm going there now.

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