Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Soirée - Write your way through any storm

The current economic crisis paints a grim picture of the future and casts a foreboding shadow across her path. You may be approaching the New Year with great anxiety and deepening fear. Your dreams, your passion, your writing may be the first things to suffer, as they give way to financial concerns.

Write Your Way Through Any Storm
was first published in my weekly column in February 2008 and later posted at Associated Content. Take a minute to read it. I pray that it will help you to stay hopeful for better days, look for solutions and alternatives and stay connected to your passion.

If you keep writing, keep your spiritual beliefs front and center every day and nurture your relationships you can come through any storm because in the scheme of things they (your passion/dreams, your faith and your loved ones) are the true essence, security and currency of your life.


Joanne said...

Nice article, I like the comparison between a storm tossed sea and writing in tough times, be they economic or personal. Reaching land is what matters. So many things can moor us: family, home, our passion. Interesting idea using a journal to keep tied to that mooring.

Cheryl Wright said...

Thank you Joanne. Writing and more particularly journaling, has seen me through some tough times in the past. I find it gives me a sense of control over situations because on its pages I can deal with "stuff" on my own terms.

magnolia said...

thanks Cheryl. I'll read it. I'm doing better with my future because I'm watching less news and reading less negative articles.

It helps.

I realized the other day that the reason I feel so spent most of the time is because I spend too little time at the fountainhead of life......God's Word.

When I fill my head with His truth, my future and just my day to day stuff, seems much brighter and less omenous.

I hope your holidays are full of good cheer and thankfulness.

Love Magnolia

Magnolia said...

Well, I'm back. :)

I read the article. I must say it is excellent and for me, very timely.

I'm amazed at how much God cares for our lives.

I've been praying a lot lately. Asking God to help me get a clear vision on how to approach my writing.

Up until the last few days, I really had no direction, no focus, no purpose.

What kind of writer did I want to be? Fiction? Nonfiction? Articles? Editorial? What?

After much thought and much prayer, I ran across some great websites on writing......specifically on essays.

I fancied myself to be an essayist and after reading the sites, I realized that yes, this is it.
This is the type of writing I'm good at.

I've also recently purchased a few books that were on the topic of essay/memoir writing, but still hadn't made the connection that this is the direction I should go.

One of the sites, by Sheila Bender, talks a lot about journaling.

I've journaled my entire life and have never thought of it as a way to springboard into personal essays or memoirs. But, Sheila says that it is a great place for essays to begin. Not to mention, it is incredibly healing to vent and dump our emotions.

So, thanks Cheryl! You reinforced what has become very clear to me.

I feel so free and liberated. A huge burden has been lifted and now I have a longer treading water at sea. :)

Cheryl Wright said...

Nothing can diminish or replace that moment when we know in our hearts at the dream we've harbored is our purpose in life. The realization is even more priceless when we see that we have been blessed not only with what it takes to pursue and achieve it but that we have also been blessed with people who will support us all the way.

I'm so happy for you Mags; my heart is dancing.

Cheryl Wright said...

Yes Mags, I know what you're saying. Unless we take time daily to refresh and refuel at our Savior's feet in prayer and in His word, we travel at our own risk. And eventually we find ourselves running on empty.

Magnolia said...

Right on! Right on sistah! I should know better by now, but I guess I just need to get slapped around every now and then to remind me that God is where I need to keep my focus.

Everything else just seems to work better when I do. :)

Cheryl Wright said...

Don't we all. We have a saying here in Trinidad, "If you can't hear, you're going to feel." It is usually said to disobedient children and that's what we are in God's kingdom - children. God uses what He deems necessary to get us to where we should be. Do I hear an Amen? (:o)

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