Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Soirée - Three unusual reasons to write

When nothing else inspires you to hunker down and write your heart out:

1. Write just for the heck of it.
Say to heck with all the negativity that blocks you - negative inner voices, doubts, rational and irrational fears and procrastination. Gather them up, throw them into a cold, dark place and lock the door. In that sate of utter freedom, write on purpose. Write just for the heck of it.

2. Write because you can.
What do you have on hand - pen, pencil, paper, notebook, computer...? Then you can write. What do you know? What are your thoughts? What ideas spring up in your head? How do you feel and what is your opinion on some common issues? Do you have stories roaming in your head? Write something that's fact or a figment of your imagination. Write something serious or funny, informative, inspiring. Write something sensitive or disrespectful, superficial or raw. Just start writing - not with concerns about structure and outline and grammar and writing rules but from off the top of your head and from your heart. Just write because you can.

3. Write for revenge.
How many people have said that you couldn't do it? Who dismissed your dream with negative stares, scant courtesy and callous remarks?. Well you should just show them. Show them who is a writer. Show them who is the boss of your dreams, lover of words and teller of stories. Make them eat their words. Take revenge and write.


Joanne said...

Hi Cheryl, Glad you're back to business here! Love these reasons, and I'd like to add to number 3. Many writers who I speak/blog with, as well as myself, occasionally express doubt about their capabilities, question the crazy decision they made to write, maybe as another rejection came in, or a writer's block took hold. We give ourselves scant courtesy, rueing the day we started writing, becoming our own worst stumbling block. So, sometimes we have to get revenge with ourselves! Take ourselves by the shoulders and say, "Oh yeah? I'll show you!" Then sit down and write that next amazing essay or chapter or article and prove ourselves wrong!

Cheryl Wright said...

I'm so glad you are not bashful about jumping in and adding your voice to this post.

You're so right. Very often we have to take revenge on ourselves and our own negativity.

Thanks Joanne, I really appreciate your comment.

Jan said...

This is just wonderful. You expressed so well this burning passion to write. The best advice I ever received from a consummate writer was 'Just write! Just keep writing, whatever you want, as much as you want.' She invited me to not even think about who will read it or getting it published. Write because you love to write. It's amazing-- when I gave in to that wise advice, everything in my writing changed. I found my heart. I know you have too! Just in the brief time I have "known" you, I feel so much passion coming through your writing, more than ever before. You are a 'Wow!' Sending big love to you today. J

Cheryl Wright said...

You are observant and perceptive. This passion I have for writing has been burning brighter in recent weeks. I didn't notice it at first. In fact, it was just about three days ago that I recognized it.

Reading and commenting at Whole Latte Life, Enriched by Words, The Write Power and your blog have helped me to shed a few layers off my fears and inhibitions.

In giving of myself I received far more than I gave or expected and it fanned the flames of my passion.

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