Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How do you select a blog to follow?

You won't find me arbitrarily surfing the Internet for blogs. Usually I follow a link from one of my favorite bloggers. I figure if I enjoy reading their posts, then the blogs they follow and subscribe to might be a good place for me to visit.

Here's how I decide if a blog is a good fit.

  • I read the latest post because that is were the link might have sent me in any case. I would have only followed it because the topic peaked my interest. If this post doesn't resonate with me, I may not linger or explore. On the other hand, if I am not too busy, I might dig around to see what else the blogger has to say.
  • I check for posting frequency and length. I don't have the time or patience for long posts, but am willing to read an occasional long one on an interesting topic. I lose interest if postings are too infrequent. I don't have a problem if the author says he or she will post once per month. As long as it really happens. I'm cool with that.
  • If random posts on interesting topics continue to hold my attention, I turn to the archives and begin reading the earliest postings. It is true that blogs change and the intent and angle may move in a different direction over time. Still I find that the earliest posts give some insight into the author's mindset, goals and passions.
  • Over a period of time, I visit regularly read the latest posts and return to the archives, reading systematically (small archive) or randomly (large archive).
  • Very often, I find myself so caught up in the content, the author's voice and writing style that I get lost in reading. That's when I know for sure that this blog/author is one I want to follow.

I don't even subscribe to some of my favorite blogs, especially those where the authors post almost every day. Instead, I bookmark them and keep them in a folder marked BLOGS in my toolbar. I visit these every day, usually in the evenings or at night when I've completed my tasks for the day. They don't clog my inbox and distract me when I should be working and are easily accessed when I have time to read and , mull over their posts and leave comments.

What about you, do you have a process that helps you select blogs to follow, bookmark or subscribe to?


Joanne said...

I often choose blogs with a focus on the individual's interest - be it writing, cooking, gardening. We can learn so much from a dedicated blogger who shares their insights. Then in time, blog friendships develop where the visit becomes more social ... like right here!And then there are certain blog traits that don't work for me, especially very lengthy posts, and any kind of crassness keep me away.

Sita said...

Blogs that resonate with some of my own experiences that glorify God...blogs with a mix of cultural learning, like Yesu Garden and Crown of Beauty, the only 2 blogs that I have actually gone and read all the archives...perhaps it speaks to my own sociological bent...a couple of blogs that belongs to my childhood friend demands my loyalty!(-;

Cindy L said...

You expressed many of my sentiments about blogs and choosing what to read. There's so much great material out there in the blogosphere that I am often overwhelmed and can't read as much as I would like to without sacrificing time I need to spend in the 3-D world. I do try to seek out new bloggers occasionally, just to get out of my usual comfort zone. Often, I am interested in a comment made by bloggers on my own site, and I will check out the link to their sites. It's great fun!

Cheryl Wright said...

Joanne:- And boy do I love the socializing at your blog.

Sita:- just as loyalty builds and maintains friendships, it inspires and supports those who dutifully and passionately write the blogs we keep returning to over and over.

Cindy L:- I agree that it is an adventure out of our comfort zones to seek out blogs to read, comment on, follow and subscribe to.

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