Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - Celebrate

I joined Sunday Scribblings. Here's my contribution to today's prompt - "Celebrate"

What am I celebrating? Uuuuummm, let me see...
  • The freedom to write fulltime.
  • The blessing of my first grandchild, a girl, Sian, who is six weeks old.
  • Sunday, the Lord's Day, the Lord's Sabbath, blessed quiet time, worship and communion service this morning and fellowship-time with brethren after.
  • The ease and speed of cooking with a pressure cooker.
  • The re-instatement of my column, Wright Words of Wisdom in the Womanwise magazine with the new article featured from today.


Joanne said...

I always like a celebration, it's nice to find them in the everyday! Today I celebrate with you, raising my coffee cup in a toast to your column's re-instatement! Hooray!

Jennifer Hicks said...

welcome to the scribblings of sunday. congratulations on being and celebrating YOU!

Cheryl Wright said...

Hey Joanne,

Thank you. I have my cup of steaming hot coffee (black with sugar) right here. Here's to you too for all the inspiration you bring along with you when you visit.

Cheryl Wright said...

Hi there Jennifer,

Thanks for the warm welcome. I read prompts and most of the time they don;t prompt me but I could't resist Sunday Scribllings. See you around.

Tumblewords: said...

Don't you love celebrations? Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Terri Tiffany said...

So you are a new Grandma too! Congratulations on your column:)

Cheryl Wright said...


What a lovely name. It says three things to me: free-spirit, fun-loving, creative. They describe you don't they?

Oh yes, celebrations are the best. So I celebrate with you the arrival of Spring and the birthday/anniversary of your blog.

Cheryl Wright said...

Hi Terri,

I'm in an indescribable place of unimagined joy with this precious baby. We haven;t had a baby in our home in twenty plus years.

Thanks for the column congratulations.

Jay said...

Oooh, I love my pressure cooker! Mum had one, too, so I guess that's why I was never afraid of them.

Sundays used to be so much more peaceful before they changed the Sunday Trading laws. :(

Cheryl Wright said...

Hi Jay,

I'm so glad you dropped. I too grew up with the loud hissing sound of my Mom's pressure cooker.

Those were the days huh?

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