Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monday Day Off

Guess what I discovered? I can't write on Mondays. Well, except for in my journal. I can'texplain it but I simply can't hunker down to any serious writing.

Sure I go to my writing space with my morning coffee (a must have) and sit. I can't write. Nothing comes out, literally nothing, not even gibberish. BLANK screen, BLANK mind.

I check and respond to email, read my favorite blogs and a few that are not on my list of favorites. I save stuff to folders to read later. I still can't write.

Instead of beating up myself about it, I've decided to label Monday my official personal writer's day off or is the correct term writing day off? Any thoughts?

Freedom! I don't have to force myself to write a piece or two for my column or posts for my blog.

Maybe, just maybe, with no pressure, I may write next Monday. I may just write up a storm and dash off two advance articles for the column and schedule a few posts for my blogs.

Anyway, until that happens, I'll enjoy my Monday day off.

Is there a day in the week when, no matter how you try, you just can't generate words for serious writing. Do you have a writer's/writing day off? What do you spend time doing on your day off?


Joanne said...

I have days like that, but instead of it being a writer's day off, it's a different kind of writing day. Make it a research day, maybe, scanning the internet for potential topics. Or an editing day of existing material. Or an Itinerary day, writing the next month's goals, or just put rough blog ideas into blogger scheduler. I like to think there's much more to writing than the actual act, with things like these. As for actual writing days off, those are the days when I do nothing related to writing, a complete mini-break. But if I'm at the computer, in some way, shape or form, it's writing.

Cheryl Wright said...

I have done other writing related tasks on Mondays - not every Monday mind you but sometimes.

You are right though writing does not involve only the actual act. Writing is such a wide and varied "thing" that in the grand scheme of things, we are involved in the writing practice and writing process "in some way, shape and form".

Maybe I should do what you do. Since I find that I am not productive with the actual act of writing for an assignment, my column or blogs on Mondays, maybe I should do nothing related to writing at all and take a complete one-day break.

Art and gardening would certainly infuse my day with a different kind of creativity and may even spark a writing idea or two.

Well there I go. I guess no matter what we do, we can't escape the writing bug.

Jan said...

Dearest Cheryl,
Hopefully you won't hate me for this, but I 'tagged' you in my latest post to list 7 facts about yourself (check the post for details.) No hard feelings if you don't want to participate - I have ignored many of these kinds of things in the
past, but decided to do it this time. Plus, I thought it would be a fun way to learn more about you!

In answer to your question here, I find that mid-week I sort of peeter out and need a break. Go out to lunch. Start my day differently. That happened yesterday and I just had to mix it up a bit. Today I am back in the swing of things. It's amazing what a day off can do for the soul!

Cheryl Wright said...

Good morning Jan,

I ignore many of the tags that come my way too. But every now and then, I take up the challenge and find it to be a fun way to get to know people. You'll be reading my response soon.

Aren't our differences interesting? You get on the ball, peter out and rise again while I, like an old car need to crank up slowly and then I'mm off.

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