Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Soirée - How is your (writing) health?

How’s your writing life, is it healthy?

Are you exhibiting the following symptoms?

Sluggishness, severe idea loss, excessive procrastination, lame excuses for not writing, prolonged writer’s block ....


EWDS – Extreme Write-A-Min Deficiency Syndrome


Write-A-Mins A, B, C, D, & E

Write-A-Min A – Attitude. The right attitude, a positive attitude puts you in a position of strength regardless of any situation that may threaten to stall your writing or hinder the accomplishment of your dream. A positive attitude increases your self-confidence and helps you to manage the dry days. Think and believe that you can achieve all you envision for your writing and for yourself as a writer.

Write-A-Min B – Balance. To be a “successful” writer you need to have a life. It doesn’t have to be a grand life but one lived with gratitude and contentment, full of love and fun and an eye towards capitalizing on simple pleasures and inopportune adventures.

Write-A-Min C – Commitment. Wishy-washy thoughts will not cut it if you harbour dreams of being a writer. A clear vision, an articulate plan and a resolute heart puts you on the path to achieving your writing goals.

Write-A-Min D – Discipline. Whether for pleasure or profit your work/writing schedule (daily, weekly, etc) should be fitted with structure and boundaries to ensure consistency and a sense of fulfilment.

Write-A-Min E – Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the fire that lights up your days, energies and motivates you to engage with your writing with an insatiable passion.


  • Books and articles by writers about writing and the writing life.
  • Blogs that cater to writers helping them to navigate the path to their dreams.
  • Friends who are writers themselves who will lock arms with you so that you can buffer your internal and external enemies together.
  • Mentors who will encourage and inspire you and celebrate with you one hard-earned success at a time.

Have you had your Write-A-Mins?


Joanne said...

And if we partake of all these as one "Multi Write-A-Min" on a regular basis, our writing should be in top-form! Very effective analogy going on here, Cheryl! I enjoyed reading this. Lately my writing life has felt healthy, I've been busy with a few different projects, the blog, a book proposal, smaller submissions, so my Write-A-Mins must be working.

Cheryl Wright said...

Hi Joanne,

Well good for you. But it sounds as if you've been taking the extra-strength Write-A-Mins.(smile)

jw said...

hy nice blog
greetings from germany
take care

Cheryl Wright said...

Hi jw.
Thank you for visiting and leaving a kind comment.

I send you warm greetings from Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies.

Jan said...

This is so clever, Cheryl. I take vitamins faithfully, and now you challenge me to take Write-A-Mins. Yes, the more we write, the more we grow, ourselves and our craft, in healthy ways. I think mine are working as well. Thanks for this! I hope you post this in many places on the web. It is grand!

Cheryl Wright said...

Thank you Jan. And yes, yours are working very well and it shows in the thoughtful, informative and inspiring posts you share at Awake is Good and the comments you leave here and at Whole Latte Life.

Anonymous said...

Well said Cheryl, and great advice for writers who have lost the burn, but also something there for all of us.

Cheryl Wright said...

howdy notenoughwords,

One thing I've learned is to never dismiss a piece on writing, as too elementary or too advanced. A writer (aspiring or accomplished) can always come away with even a smidgen of valuable advice to inspire, inform and encourage.

Jeanne Dininni said...


I love this post! How refreshing--and what wonderful, health-giving advice!

Sorry I've come in on this discussion a little late, but much has been happening in my life of late.

Really enjoyed reading!


Cheryl Wright said...


I know you are very busy. How about some balance huh? Stick in a few minutes to visit more regularly.

Jeanne Dininni said...


I definitely do want to do that more often now that I'm back and will certainly do my best. Yet, the things that have happened in my life over the past few months have been of a more serious nature than simply being busy (i.e., caregiving my seriously ill mom and then losing her a month ago--to the day, in fact).

Much as I might have liked to visit during that period, those simply aren't the sort of life circumstances that make allowances for such things.

As it is, I'm still dealing with sorting out Mom's affairs, which can be difficult, time-consuming, and sad. But, I am also trying to take some time to do the things I love and handle my own affairs the best I can, as well. Because balance is so important--perhaps more so now than ever.

Just thought I'd take a few moments to explain my absence.


Cheryl Wright said...


I'm saddened to hear of your Mom's death. I know only too well the range of emotions that come with dealing with it and all the ensuing issues.

Balance will help you navigate your way through your list of to-do's and still make time for yourself, your writing, and the the activities and people that make up the sum total of your life.

If you want to e-chat, email me or catch me Skype if you have an account.

Jeanne Dininni said...

Thanks, Cheryl, for your compassionate response. Don't have Skype, but I may just drop you an e-mail sometime.

Thanks for caring,

Cheryl Wright said...

I'll be looking forward to that email.

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