Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You can listen to my blog posts

I've added a new feature to this blog. Beneath each post title you'll see a button that allows you to listen to the post while at your computer, in the room or subscribe to listen on the go. Cool huh?

So far Odiogo only offers a male voice but I expect that in time they will bring a female voice on board.



Joanne said...

You are keeping right with the times, Cheryl! Kudos to you. Unfortunately, I'm not. I actually never hooked up the speakers to my desktop, where I'm now at. :( So I can only listen when I'm at the laptop.

Have a great day!

Magnolia said...

Seriously cool Cheryl! I ran right over to Odiogo and downloaded the zipfile for my own blog.

Where did you run across this? It's excellent!

Sita said...

Cheryl...did u notice the 'voice' pronounced your mis-spelling of 'button' correctly as 'buton'? Hilarious..do they have the different accents?
and seriously cool..esp. for visually impaired...I should pass this info to AMrita..

Cheryl Wright said...

Joanne: I surprise myself every time I take an adventure to add a feature to my blog.

Mags: I saw the feature at www.tumblemoose.com.

Sita (Editor): I really have to re-install the TextAloud software to re-read my posts. Self-editing can be misleading. It is one thing to see errors on the screen but it is quite annoying and embarrassing to hear them spoken out loud.

Terri Tiffany said...

How cool is that? I'm not sure I want to have what I've written read yet but I'm sure in time it will happen!

Cheryl Wright said...


When I tried the feature on my blog, I wondered if I really wanted readers to hear my words out loud. Maybe if it were my voice or a female voice, I might feel differently, more comfortable.

But you know what, life and is often about taking risks with what scares us. It is a pact I've made with myself to give new things a chance, especially with my writing. So, I'm giving it a chance because it will challenge me to make an extra effort to write better and edit more precisely. I shudder to think of readers hearing spelling and grammatical errors.

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