Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thank you

I used to believe that I couldn’t possibly write about writing. Although I had pieces published at Absolute Write, Writing Corner and other writing sites, I still felt I could never consistently write about writing as eloquently as the other writers did. No way could I ever invoke such passion in myself or worse, in others, especially writers. Nah, I’d stick to my decorating pieces.

Yet here I am embroiled in this blog and connecting with some wonderful bloggers: passionate, creative, joyful, inspiring writers - identifying with their stories, and they identifying with mine.

It's not about writing eloquently but truthfully, authentically and passionately.

Thank you for following and subscribing to Perspectives on Writing. You are the ones who are fueling my passion and sprinkling petals of inspiration on my journey.


Joanne said...

Cheryl, it is OUR pleasure to stop here for a visit. For someone who once thought she couldn't possibly write about writing, you write with such clear authority about writing, we are always inspired by your insights. I'd like to add that these blogs, yes, are about truth, authenticity and passion, and I'd like to add one more thing: friendship! It sometimes feels pretty amazing to think of the thoughts, ideas, and wishes we share over this virtual space. It sometimes feels like we're meeting over the backyard fence, chatting with a coffee, checking in. And I'm so glad that you are among one of those friends! Have a great weekend, and happy writing!

Magnolia said...

Hey, you're welcome! Wish I could "high-five" you right now. ;)

I love your blog. You're very faithful and committed. Not that I'm not (committed anyway), but I always admire the consistency at your blog. Something I lack I think.

Not to mention, I'm painfully slow at writing and there are days that I just couldn't spit a word onto a piece of paper if I wanted to. I gunk up like sludge in a pipe and just sit there. You, on the other hand, always put something out there. Regardless. I need to take a cue.

love ya,

Cheryl Wright said...


Aaaah, friendship - a priceless aspect of our blogging experience. It is so evident and vibrant here and at those blogs I visit on a daily basis.

You are so right, that meeting at the backyard fence with coffee in hand is what it feels like.

Enjoy your weekend too.

Cheryl Wright said...

Magnolia my dear,

Here's my upraised hand for that virtual Hi-Five not because I think I am all that but to accept your loving response to the post.

"...there are days that I just couldn't spit a word onto a piece of paper if I wanted to. I gunk up like sludge in a pipe and just sit there."

You see that there, those words the image they convey? That's classic Magnolia right there and I love it. That is what I've grown accustomed to and look forward to at your blog. That's your style - a little irreverent and sassy and so so you.

Don't apologize for your writing process.

I do so admire you for your honesty about your life and writing struggles and for how you dance to the beat of your own drum.

Even though you may admire other writers and wish you could adopt some of their habits, you travel your own path at your own pace.

That's commendable because it is authentic and owning and living who you are is the best way to live and write.

(BTW, FYI, I also have those can't-spit-words-on-paper days)

Sita said...

Apart from my last comment which I confess was made during an emotional meltdown)-;...
I always venture here to peek and see how you 'writers' are fellowshipping...and I leave tiptoeing, for I know I have been on sacred ground, ground that He tilled with a heart made available to Him...
you have made a couple of lasting friendships with kindred spirits an ocean away...

I have loved how you pursued your dream with a clarity that often escapes those suffering from depression and am filled with joy with how God has rewarded your perseverance...
..and guess what, the best is yet to come...

Terri Tiffany said...

I enjoy what you write very much. Thank you for doing what you do:)

Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

It is indeed an honor to read your words. :)

Cheryl Wright said...


Thank you for your sweet sentiments, written as eloquently as usual. You have such a way with words my dear old friend. It is reading what you write is like reading classical music.

Cheryl Wright said...

Good night Tabitha,

My deepest thanks for you cherished comments.

Have restful night and sweet sleep.

Cheryl Wright said...

Hi Terri,

I do what I love and I love what I do. Life can't get better than that. Thank you be being a friend on my journey - visiting and commenting on my blog and dispensing information and inspiration on yours.

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