Monday, June 22, 2009

Your dream book

Maybe you have a published book or two or several under your belt. Maybe you have even done the whole "book tour and book signing" thing too. Yet your have not yet written your deep-down-in -your-heart book and it is niggling at you.

- a comic take on a serious issue, a pet topic, a classic romance, your personal story or someone else's -

Write a short (up to 250 words) description of your dream book and share it in the comments.


Magnolia said...

I'm currently working on an essay that seems to be evolving into a book.

I started it because Cherie Bell inspired me in an essay she had written about an event in her childhood in Southern Missouri.

It really lit a fire under me and I realized that what I needed to be writing about was my own upbringing in the Deep South of Louisiana.

Currently, it is entitled "Amazing Grace - A Search for Hope & Unconditional Self-Acceptance"

I do not know if it will remain titled this way, but when I finish the portion I'm currently working on I'll post it on my blog.

I'm submitting it to my online essay class presently.

My husband, my daughters, the class instructor and the fellow students have all said it sounded like a book when I read it to them or they had read it.

So, though I didn't intend for it to be a book, it looks like it's going to be one. I'm actually pretty excited about it.

Jan said...

Holy synchronicity, Cheryl! I just posted on this very topic on my blog. I had not read yours, honestly, till now! Whoa. So your question is answered there. xoxo

Cheryl Wright said...

Holy synchronicity indeed. No doubt we caught the same wave of inspiration.

Cheryl Wright said...


Good for you Mags. Work that essay. Write your book.

Joanne said...

I'd someday like to write a mother-daughter book. I'm not sure of the topic, but I'd love to co-author it with my daughters. Maybe something tied into our gardening, or the beach, or some life essence. That would be my dream book, written with them.

How about you, Cheryl? Do you have a dream book in you?

Cheryl Wright said...


I meant to make the first comment once the post was published (I scheduled it) but I got caught up with a writing assignment, my grand daughter and replying to the comments that came in. I even popped over the read Jan's blog post about the same topic.

As I said at Awake is Good, my dream book would be The Joy of Solitude. No matter how busy my life gets, how many "things" are on my plate, I make time for solitude every day. It is a practice that continues to reveal wonderful and inspiring discoveries about myself, my writing, my relationships.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure I can narrow it down to just one "dream book," but I am fascinated by this question. I've already written a book dear to my heart -- a collection of essays strung together, like a necklace of memories, of my son's growing up years.

But I would also like to write a book about what houses mean to me, and how different homes I've lived in have reflected different aspects of myself....

All said and done, I would love to write something that would lift and inspire readers in the way that my favorite authors/books have lifted me.

Cheryl Wright said...


I'm drawn to books about creating and living in a home that feeds the soul rather than caters to pride and ostentatious living. I can linger on pages that tell stories of homeowners whose homes were the epitome of who they were/are.

Just imagining the contents of a book about your relationship with the homes you lived in, gives me goose bumps.

Hear what. Put my name on your list for an early signed copy of your book.

Jan said...

I've been dreaming of writing one of those daily books, Cheryl. A 365-Day meditation sort of book. I love those! I've had some I've gone back to again and again until they are bent and careworn. I'd love to create something that soulful for women. But I just never seem to get around to it. Perhaps i feels overwhelming to me to create 365 different entries.

But then I think of how easy it could be to just take 30 min a day and write something, anything, and see where it takes me.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Cheryl Wright said...

Jan, another wave of serendipity.

I've been toying (actually I did scribble a few installments) with the idea of a 52 week devotional. Each devotional will have a reading with questions and suggestions and a workbook type page or two. Instead of having to read and meditate on a new thought everyday, one devotional and workbook section can be used for the whole week.

My thinking is that no matter how noble our intentions, daily reading and meditation can often go awry. With one overriding thought for the week, no matter how busy a woman gets, the thought is there (hopefully) to help her set aside her busyness and reflect on her spirituality.

Still I'm dragging my feet. I know the solution but, well. Alright, I have no excuse except maybe that I am scared.

How about we take it one devotional at a time instead of the whole book. Standard advice I know but that's the way to do it.

We have to look at the 52 or the 365 trees and not at the forest. How about that?

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