Thursday, June 18, 2009

Free Blog Backgrounds

Chelsea at Aqua Poppy Designs has some cool blog backgrounds to share and they are free too. The one I downloaded tells a little about me.

What do you think it says?


Jeanne Dininni said...

Very nice, Cheryl!

What a pleasure to visit today and be surrounded by such a cheery design!

Great resource!

Joanne said...

I see several things. The first thing I saw was the color of the sandy beach. But there's more - the colors are warm and inviting, as is your blog. The illustrations on the side make me see your creative side, maybe a little bit of a dreamer. Doodling in your journals, free-flowing thoughts and ideas lining the blog. The design has an easygoing essence to it. Very nice. So how'd I do?

Sita said...

Yuh like green bows???
Girl, every Trini I meet have one favorite color -- green! It ha to be de forests in we bones! much for the intelligent analysis you were hoping for...cuz yuh girl feeling homesick!
Love ya,

Jan said...

Hi Cheryl,
Very cute! I like it!

To me it says:
Perky, optimistic, feminine, tidy (bows :-), earthy, loves green (LOL), organized, confident, fun-loving (swirlies). How's that? Oh, yes, creative. (Big smile) Did I miss anything that YOU hoped it would portray?

Terri Tiffany said...

That you have great taste:)

Life Potentials Network said...

ooooooo, I love it! I think it says that you love nature, you are a natural leader, and you like to gather things together (ideas, people, objects, and of course, words!)
Great job!

Cheryl Wright said...


On target. You're good or maybe you know me well already.

Cheryl Wright said...


I'm often intrigued when someone says that her favorite colour is green. I feel as if I have found a kindred spirit.

Maybe to a certain degree, it is a Caribbean thing to love green.

Buh wait nah. Like yuh does be homesick everyday?

Cheryl Wright said...


Awwww, you're too kind. But thanks.

Cheryl Wright said...


OOOOOO. You got it.

Love nature? True.

Natural leader? Maybe, in a quiet and unassuming way.

Like to gather things together? Yes, I have many treasured collections – dozens of notebooks – priceless old and new friends - pens, baskets, teapots, journals – shelves of books I’ve read, about six or so to be read, two I’m reading now and a life-long love for writing which I do for pleasure and professionally.

Cheryl Wright said...

Hi again Jeanne,

Thank you. I hope the cheery design cheered you up. Have a lovely evening.

Oh yes it's a great resource even if only for browsing and experimenting.

Anonymous said...

I love your new background!!

Sita said...

Yes, girl...I'm lacking closure!...never said goodbye...that's my prob...

..btw...your other commenters put me to shame 0-;...

Cheryl Wright said...

Thank you Tabitha.

Jan said...

Oh, Cheryl, I wrote you a yummy profile based on your new blog look and I don't see it here. Oh well, it's late and I'm not feeling too creative, not enough to redo my whole response, but the gist of it was that it was definitely you... I think.

Plenty of green, free flowing, creativity (those swirls) yet tidy and prone to organization--those bows! Warmth, welcome, and happiness. I think there was more but this will have to do. I like it! A lot! I hope you do too.

Magnolia said...

I think it says "neat and tidy" with a little bit of an artistic I right?

Cheryl Wright said...

Sita meh gyurl, doh sweat it. You is you and dem is dem. They must be so puzzled by our dialect. Maybe I'll write a post giving the low-down on what our weird words mean.

Cheryl Wright said...

Oh Jan,

I'm so sorry your comment got lost in cyber-space. I would have loved to read it. You have such a gift with words. Just your description of me could inspire me to be better.

So, I'll take what I get (what you remember) and run with it. And yes, you captured some of the essence of me.

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